Ways Your Public Library Can Save You Money

How long has it been since you visited your local library? Here are some ways that you can save money by going.
Our local library is a small one compared to some that we have visited in the bigger metropolitan areas, but almost all libraries have a few things in common that we enjoy. It is one of the many ways you can have entertainment without spending much money.
  1. The obvious reason is for the books. The amount of information available on any subject (particularly personal finance in my case) is astronomical. It is considerably more cost effective to get a book from your library to read than to buy the book new. Even if our library does not have a book in stock, they can usually get it in about a week via interlibrary loans. Some books warrant a purchase even after the free read, but most you can glean the information you need at no cost.
  2. Most libraries have copies of the local newspaper. If you pay $0.50 for a newspaper five days a week, that will cost you $120.00 a year. You can harvest the same information for free (all it takes is the time) in one trip a week.
  3. Copies of magazines. As with the newspapers, magazines can be read for free.
  4. Technical information for DIY projects. If you have some projects you would like to have done around your house, to your vehicle, or whatever the case may be, there is a good chance your library will have a how-to book. Even if you choose not to tackle the project yourself, you will know what is involved and what you think the job would be worth to pay someone to do.
  5. Movies are available. Our library has a decent selection of “Hollywood” movies (around 50 or so that seem to rotate with other libraries every couple months), as well as several educational documentaries and National Geographic productions.

That pretty much covers the services that we use at our local library. I feel that it is one of the most overlooked resources of frugal entertainment.

What services do you use at your library?  What other services does your library offer?


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2 Responses to “Ways Your Public Library Can Save You Money”

  1. P.C. Sweeney Says:

    Hey, don’t forget about access to high speed internet, Computers, Databases containing millions of dollars worth of information, CDs, and Audio Books. If you need a new job there’s information to help you find jobs, job training, study guides for professional exams, and all kinds of other stuff. Plus information about investing, buying homes, and paying taxes (very topical right now…)

  2. perfectlyimperfectmusing Says:

    P.C. Sweeney-Very true!!! The databases are invaluable. The internet is one I cannot believe I forgot to mention!! Thanks for the comment!!

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