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Selling on Ebay: One Way to Make Extra Money

February 22, 2008

Most, if not all of you, are familiar with Ebay. We have used Ebay several times to earn some extra money on items that were just laying around. Granted, we have not looked at it as full fledge business opportunity as some have (and done quite well), but we have made a few extra hundred dollars a year. Here are some of the tips and tricks we have came across and used.

  1. Do your market research. This is the most important step when considering to sell an item on Ebay. If you have a one of a kind thingamajig that was worth $75 the last time you had it appraised, and no one is looking to buy it, it will not do any good.
  2. Set an appropriate start price. Do not set a low price to encourage bids or have a lower insertion fee. If you have done your research, you will know how much your item has sold for in past auctions. By setting to low, you can risk losing money by the time you pay for packing material and all the fees associated with selling an item on Ebay.
  3. Take great photographs of your item. Create a picture gallery that belongs in the Louvre. To do this it is imperative that you have a good, solid background, and light from every angle. Even if you are selling an item that a stock photo is offered for, I would still recommend taking your own pictures. This way people actually see what they are getting.
  4. Choose your listings title carefully. Avoid things like “L@@K at this GR8T” deal (these actually exist). Keep your title accurate and to the point. Ask yourself how you would search for this item if you were looking for it. Again, your market research will show you how others have listed similar items.
  5. Try to end your auction on Sunday. Where people are usually home on the weekends, items that end on Sunday are more likely to sell, and sell at a higher premium.
  6. Be as descriptive as possible in your listing. Describe all your items features in as much detail as possible.

Here are some links to help you get started if you so choose:

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Ebay pulse lets you know what is hot right now.

As we said, we are not generating any steady income from Ebay, nor has it made us wealthy, but we have made some extra money.  That always comes in handy.  Have a great day!


Free Software that Makes My Life Easier Part 3: Odds and Ends

February 21, 2008
This is the last post in this series for now. These applications and add-ons are in no particular category or order. Just a few of the programs and add-ons left after the previous two post.
Book Burro. This extension will recognize that you are shopping for books and give the prices for the same book from several different sites. I have saved as much as $12 on one book. Great tool for researching college books as well.
Audacity. This is a great free application that allows you to record and edit sound. Even if you are not a sound professional, this one can be fun to just tinker with.
Avery Design Pro. A handy tool if you do a lot of your own business printing. Has template and design from scratch options for most office needs. Business cards, labels, informative brochures,etc.
VLC Media Player. A great video player that plays most all video formats.
Claimwin anitvirus. A great free, open source virus scanner for your computer. It offers free updates,and a scheduling option among other options.
Turblister. This will of course only apply if you list items on Ebay regularly. It has a very user friendly interface with loads of options for editing and keeping up with your inventory.
Firefox Companion for Ebay. This is a great tool for both sellers and buyers on Ebay. It lets you keep track of all the items you are selling and watching within your browser.
Data Crow. This an awesome database application that is freeware. It is for those of us who have an extensive book, video, and music collection. It allows you to keep track of all these items by category, genre, and several other ways. You can also keep track of whom, if anybody, you have let borrow material as well as when they got it.
Celestia. If you are not a fan of astronomy, skip this one. This is one of the best celestial viewing programs out. It does not confine you to the surface of the earth, rather you can travel out into the heavens and actually circle planets and the like. Great for children who are enthralled by the solar system.
Since writing the first two post, we have been informed of other programs that people are using to simplify their lives, so as time permits we are going to install and review these programs, and once we have enough we shall post again on this topic.
If there are any free applications or add-ons that you use, feel free to leave a comment about them!